Our History

Green Hill Baptist Church History


According to oral history, the story of our church began in late 1862 when a courageous group of worshipers met in a brush harbor on a green hill. Inspired by the heart and hand of God, Rev. Isom Outen, along with those present, established the Green Hill Baptist Church. This was significant, because at the time, the state of South Carolina was heavily engaged in fighting the American Civil War. Enslaved people were considered to be property, and had few, if any, citizenship rights. They certainly did not have the right to assemble and to worship freely. Through the providence of God, however, they persevered and founded a place of worship that glorifies God and whose legacy of faithfulness has impacted the global community.

The first wooden structure was erected in 1901. This building was located on a hill in a brush harbor. The second structure was built in 1905. The edifice was equipped with a bell tower. Green Hill Church had one choir (Senior Choir) and four ushers.

In 1945, a group of members left Green Hill to form High Hill Baptist Church.

In 1967, a third edifice was erected under the leadership of Rev. James Wilson. Services were held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. The late Dec. Robert Qualls served as Chairman of the Board of Deacons. After Dec. Qualls death, Deacon Johnny Gibbs became Chairman of the Deacon Board and served for 20 years.

In 1981, Rev. Willie Tucker assumed the pastorate and a dining area was added to the church. Rev. Tucker served as Pastor from 1981 to 1984.

In 1985, the late S.M. Hightower assumed the pastorate of Green Hill Church and served through 1985. Several remodeling projects were completed during his tenure and the church began holding weekly worship services.

In 1986, Rev. Billy J. Carter, Sr. was elected pastor. During his tenure twelve accepted their call to the ministry and four deacons were ordained.

In 1989, after providing many years of spiritual leadership and completing numerous renovation projects, Rev. Johnny Gibbs was called into the ministry and Deacon Calvin O’Neal became Chairman of the Deacon Board.

In 1992, Rev. Calvin O’Neal was called into the ministry

Deacon James Portee became Chairman of the Deacon Board and served for 23 years.

In 2004, construction of our current sanctuary began. Deacon Minnie Anthony served as building committee chairperson. The first service was held on Sunday Nov. 28, 2004 (on our 142nd Anniversary). A dedication service was held on Feb. 20, 2005.

In 2008 we purchased 15 acres of land across the street.

Rev. Calvin O’Neal served as Interim Pastor from 2010 until 2013.

In 2010 we purchased additional acreage next to the mother church.

On Nov. 25, 2012, we were blessed to celebrate our 150th Church Anniversary.

Since October 6, 2013, Rev. C. L. McGriff and First Lady Susan McGriff have provided spiritual leadership and pastoral care to the Green Hill Baptist Church family. During their tenure, our church has experienced tremendous spiritual growth.  Since 2015 Dec. John Bowers has served as Chairman of our Deacons Ministry. Our ministerial staff includes Rev. Melandie Portee, Rev. Lucas Hargrove, Rev. Dr.  Johnny Gibbs, Elder Velesta Rouse, and Elder Thomas Rouse. We thank God for blessing us with these visionary servant leaders and we look forward to impacting generations of new believers.

To God be the glory for our legacy of faithfulness, dedication, and love. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

Below is a roster of Past and Present Pastors, Ministers, and Deacons.

Past And Present Pastors

Rev. Isom Outen                                                           Rev. James Wilson

Rev, Charles Freeman                                                   Rev. S. M. Hightower

Rev. Jerry Butler                                                                Rev. Raymond Carolina

Rev. Rufus Bell                                                              Rev. Willie Tucker

Rev. Harry Outten                                                             Rev. Billy Carter, Sr

Rev. E. M. Jones                                                                 Rev. Calvin O’Neal

Rev. Clarence Harrell                                                        Dr. C.  L. McGriff


Associate Ministers

Rev. Robert Anthony                                                   Rev. Lucas Hargrove

Rev.  Dr. Johnny Gibbs                                                Rev. Celia Bowman

Rev. Calvin O’Neal                                                      Prophetess Sheila Belton

Rev. George Johnson                                                   Rev. Damon Qualls

Rev. Melandie Portee                                                 Rev. Jeffery Jones

Min. Peppers McBeth                                                 Rev. Henry A. Tucker

Rev. Torya Collins                                                       Elder Wendy Campbell

Min. April Ware                                                          Elder William Campbell

Rev. Clathyn Williams                                                 Rev. Jason Sutton

Rev. Joann Carter                                                       Rev. Mary Myers

Rev. Louis Hargrove, Sr                                               Rev. Lynn Jackson

Elder Thomas Rouse                                                         Elder Velesta Rouse

Rev. Gordan James


Past and Present Deacons

Dec. John Bush                                                            Dec. John McKenny

Dec. Johnny Mitchell                                                  Dec. Freddie O’Neal

Dec. Robert Qualls                                                      Dec. Johnny Gibbs

Dec. Gilbert Cantey                                                     Dec. James Portee

Dec. Mose Ellison                                                        Dec. Calvin O’Neal

Dec. Nembrick Ben                                                     Dec. Bobby Dixon

Dec. Levi Qualls                                                           Dec. Melvin Lawhorn, Jr

Dec. Louis Gibbs                                                          Dec. Fredrick Williamson

Dec. Ernest Hill                                                           Dec. John Bowers

Dec. George Scott                                                       Dec. Minnie Anthony

Dec. Chesterfield Miller                                              Dec. Steve Qualls

Dec. Brooks Hudson Sr.                                              Dec. Vernon Aiken

Dec. George Martin Sr.